Film #14: War of the Arrows

Tonight I watched War of the Arrows, which was SO much better than I was expecting to to be. I am glad to be so pleasantly surprised by so many good films as of late. This movie is a foreign film and thus has subtitles that you have to follow along and read in order to know what is going on.

This film is all about a family that was torn in two by the second Manchu invasion of Korea. Nam Yi, the best archer in Korea, goes up against the Qing Dynasty to save his younger sister Ja In, who was dragged away by Manchurians, along with the rest of the village that survived the attack.

I don’t really know a whole lot about the history behind this invasion, or if the story is based on true events, but I know that the invasion happened. I’m just not too sure that it happened in the way that this movie depicts it. It is my understanding that the hero in this film was not real and that it was merely a story to go along with true, genuine history.

I loved the film. I thought that the writers did a fantastic job engaging the viewer in the story to be told, as well as engaging them in a decent amount of action. There is a fair amount of graphic violence in this film, so be aware of that much. the story follows a few main characters throughout the film in their journey, but the main character, Nam-Yi, is a dedicated and fantastic archer, that has diligently perfected his art of shooting an arrow in a less than straight line. Think the movie, Wanted, but with arrows. This film is nowhere near as ridiculous as Wanted, but the concept remains. Nam-Yi’s sister is taken in the invasion while he is in a nearby forest outside the village practicing his craft. The movie is basically incredible from that moment on…which is about 80% of the film.

I recommend watching this if you like movies like 13 Assassins, Crouching Tiger, House of Flying Daggers, although…this movie is more like 13 Assassins than the other two movies as far as cinematography and style of the film go.

2 thoughts on “Film #14: War of the Arrows

  1. Guillene Gamolo

    it did not answer all my problems. i have a report to submit about this damn movie that the internet doesn’t even help

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