Film #12: Avatar

Ok. So. I watched Avatar for the first time since seeing it in the theaters with my good friend Caleb Krupa. I know that I am going get flack for this, but….I like this film. I feel like it is the popular thing to hate this film and everything that it stands for. I am not so sure that I can just jump on that train. 

This film was brutally attacked when it came out. Many, many people compared this film to Fern Gully, Dances with Wolves, and most famously: Pocahontas. Yes, there are many other movies that are similar to Avatar and can easily be compared to it. Yeah, we get it. The same claim can be made for every zombie movie, or movie about the Apocalypse. No one is saying that Mad Max is exactly like every other movie that has a setting where the world has ended and people are fending for their lives, but for some reason Avatar wasn’t allowed the right to tell an age old story in a different light.

I loved the visually stunning scenery and the graphic display that director James Cameron decided to go with in order to properly illustrate the alien world of Pandora. I just loved how Avatar used the story of a people trying to take over a world they know little about from a people that are under-appreciated and misunderstood, with the native people fighting for what is right. I guess I love a good underdog story, and this movie was all about that. 

Avatar is essentially about a marine that travels to an alien world called Pandora, where he participates in an “Avatar Program” where their consciousness is transmitted into a home grown native alien from Pandora. The marine, Jake, begins to gain the trust of the natives in order to negotiate a resettlement. This is because the people of Earth are mining an element called, “Unobtainium” that is apparently pretty rare, and the largest deposit of Unobtainium is under the native’s home. Chaos ensues and explosions happen.

Like I’ve said before, many people can’t get enough of hating on this film, saying it was bad and that it was very unoriginal. Get over yourselves. It was par for the course. It was not horrible. The only criticism that I HAVE to give Avatar is the font usage. Being the son of a graphic designer, I have to point this out. Cameron. Common buddy. Papyrus???? You use a DEFAULT FONT in Microsoft Office for the subtitles in your MUTI-MILLION DOLLAR FILM!? Not okay. Other than that, I think that people are being WAY to picky about this film. I enjoyed it again.


One thought on “Film #12: Avatar

  1. Papyrus. Yes, I have taught you well grasshopper. Visually, It’s a stunning movie as long as you don’t let the CGI get in the way. The biggest problem I had was the not-too-subtle enviro-nazi message. Humans are always the bad guy without a soul. Animals and plant life are given greater status and priority than humans. God actually gave creation and ALL that was in it over to the authority of Mankind “to rule over it and subdue it”. The fact that some of us haven’t done that great of a job as stewards over God’s gift to us doesn’t change that HUMANS are created in God’s image and WE are much more precious to God that all the plants and animals. So precious that God sacrificed His own Son so that we could be forgiven and live forever with Him. So…if I can ignore the fantasyland message, it’s fun to look at.

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