Film #10: The Art of Flight

One fourth of the way through my challenge of sorts, and I come across a film that I did not expect to be as good as it was. The Art of Flight is all about shredding powder, surfing the white seas, taming the mountain…Snowboarding. If you have not heard about this film, I wouldn’t be that surprised, it is not that well-known. My job is to tell you that you must watch this. If you loose your breath just looking at a majestic landscape, if your heart skips a beat when witnessing the awe and wonder of the peaks being lit by the oncoming sunrise, if snow-capped summits sends your soul soaring, Watch This Film.

I had seen The Art of Flight’s trailer when they first released it. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to send it to my friends in GR, Tyler Plockmeyer and Dan Prins, who are powderheads to the core. They fell in love with it and bought the movie when it came out on DVD. I hadn’t seen it yet and wasn’t to interested in the idea of seeing it. They sternly told me, “Watch the first 10 minutes.” 60 minutes later, I find myself drooling with a gapping mouth.

This movie is honestly one of the few films I have watched where I completely lost track of time while watching it. Additionally, the soundtrack created for this film was bar none, the most perfect mix of tunes for the genre intended for.

The Art of Flight is a film following three snowboarders in their quest for the most impossible jumps, the most EPIC runs, and the most breath-taking cinematography. They did a very good job. With a constant stream of adrenaline pumping into your eye sockets, The Art of Flight is a beautiful film. I can NOT give it enough praise. I don’t even ski that often and was utterly lost in its magnificence.


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