Film #9: The Blade Trilogy

Tonight…well…more like this morning, I woke up and started the first Blade. I don’t know why exactly I wanted to watch these films, but I did. These films are some of my friends favorite movies (Mark Schrader & Eric Brown). I love these guys and decided to give the movies a shot. See what the hype is all about. Troy and Abed swear by the Blade movies in season 3 episode 15 (from the show Community, for those who didn’t know), and naturally, this advanced my curiosity to watch the Blade movies.

I started with Blade, and finished by like 8:30am. Then a crazy thought came into my mind.

“Eric, dude. You’re envy’d by all in doing this 40 films and 40 nights shindig. Why not just go for broke here. You don’t have work today. Bro. Just watch all three Blade films and write about them tonight. You’ll be done with them before 3pm.”

And that’s exactly what I did.

I watched Blade II, and Blade: Trinity right after the first Blade movie. It was intense and action packed. I told my roommate’s girlfriend that I did this and she said, “Well Done!” So if a girl gives that complement, I think that I was on the right course there.

Blade is a graphic novel made my Marvel in 1973. The basic plot is this: Blade was a baby born from a dying women…a women bit by a vampire. Blade lived but his mother did not. Blade grew up with all of their strengths, but none of their weaknesses. Blade had increased strength, agility, speed, regenerative properties, and can walk in the day light. BUT, Blade also has the thirst, and takes a serum to take the edge off. At a young age, Blade was found by an old man named “Whistler” who raised him and made him into the Vampire hunter that you see in the movies.

The Blade movies are all loaded with action sequences that include swords, silver bullets, kung fu, silver stakes, UV light bombs and other alternative Vampire killing weapons. As Community’s Troy and Abed point out, Blade is a, “Fantastic kick-boxing Vampire movie.” ‘One liners’ are very common and are most hilarious in the final Blade movie, Blade: Trinity by the very funny Ryan Reynolds. These movies, however, and very violent and loaded with colorful language, so viewing discretion is advised. 

I really enjoyed watching all the Blade movies all the way through. Over the past eight or nine years, I had seen bits and pieces of each film, but never watched the entire film with context of the other films. It was fun, and I was glad to have done it. So if you like vampire hunters like Buffy or Abraham Lincoln…Blade is essentially a swift kick where the UV light don’t shine. Check it out.


2 thoughts on “Film #9: The Blade Trilogy

  1. Eric, I thought you had watched these already. I agree that it is a nice trilogy. The kind of movie that’s fun to watch multiple times because, let’s face it, plot is not the big draw of this trilogy. It’s always fun to see different interpretations of the vampire paradigm. But seriously, you need to get a full time job.

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