Film #8: Iron Man 2

Tonight I watched Iron Man 2. The sequel to the Very popular 2008 blockbuster Iron Man. I was in the mood for a movie that would give me that summer blockbuster feel while playing classic rock music AND give me loads of explosions. I wasn’t in the mood for Micheal Bay, so I popped in Iron Man 2.

Iron Man 2 is a direct continuation of the plot from the original Iron Man. Things pick up where they left off with Tony Stark running the company in the same outlandish, over-the-top feel that he always does, while managing to please every living soul. He has also managed to virtually create world peace by taking out the evils of the world. Iron Man has been a busy boy. Then someone (who in the comics is dubbed “Whiplash”) decides to bring Tony Stark’s ego down a bit. Chaos ensues and things explode. 

I remember seeing the original Iron Man in my sophomore year at Calvin. I was PUMPED! This was an incredible action flick that flew in your face and made you feel like a badass. With the musical compilation of AC/DC in the background…how could this movie go wrong? Well…the sequel fell into the deep, never-ending cavern of movies that get labeled as, “the-original-was-better.” Iron Man was a tough act to follow.

Now, I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy Iron Man 2, but I’m not saying it was exactly The Dark Knight. (in my opinion, one of the most outstanding, and impressive sequels to be made.) Like I’ve said before, I will always be able to enjoy a movie, and this was no different.


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