Film #7: The Hunt for Red October

This film is the first in a line of three films devoted to Tom Clancy novels featuring the character Jack Ryan, a CIA analyst. (The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, and Clear and Present Danger). This film features a young Alec Baldwin as Jack Ryan, whereas Harrison Ford plays Jack Ryan in the other two films.

Red October, as with the other two, were seen at an early age. Apart of a collection that my dad owned, I loved these films. I always thought Red October was not related to the other two because Alec Baldwin starred in this movie, ha. The way that a Tom Clancy novel reaches out and grabs you by the shirt, never letting go until the final word on the page, translates very well on film. This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Essentially, The Hunt for Red October is about a new class of submarine, that the USSR has made, that can evade sonar by running a new engine called a “Caterpillar Engine.” The Russians get wind of the Captains planning to Defect, or to desert a cause or country, and try to hunt down this submarine. The Americans think the sub is on a course for the U.S. coast and start to panic. Jack Ryan thinks otherwise. Jack Ryan also thinks the Captain wants to defect. It is now Jack’s mission to find the Sub and help the Captain.

I think that the real draw that I get from movies like these three is that films aren’t made this way anymore…they just aren’t. I forgot how much I loved this movie and how a good action movie can make you feel. Plus, how can you go wrong with Sean Connery as a highly respected naval captain? Hard to do.

2 thoughts on “Film #7: The Hunt for Red October

  1. I agree. Hunt for Red October is a classic. I love the scene where The American captain (played by Scott Glenn) is in the prototype sub and they are trying to avoid getting blown out of the water by the Russian navy sub. They appear to be backed into a corner, so Sean Connery commands them to turn the boat around and start head straight for the Russians who just fired a torpedo. The American captain says to Ryan, “he’s gonna get a killed”. Everyone is sweating bullets except for Sean Connery who remarks to Ryan that he read his book. At that point everyone thinks this guy is crazy and has a death wish. However just as the torpedo impacts the prototype sub, all you can hear is a clunk. The prototype sub had closed the gap before the torpedoes could arm themselves. Brilliant!

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