Film #5: Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom

Alright, so I probably would have made this review #4 if I had known that yesterday was Harrison Ford’s birthday. Shoot. Well, I knew that there had to be some kind of reason why I was drawn to our favorite man in the hat.

Indiana Jones. Ugh. How do you compete with it? How? The Indiana Jones movies hold a seriously high spot on my favorite movies of all time. This “favorite movies of all time” list isn’t a serious list, but merely a nostalgic list, as most lists are usually pretty biased one way or another. (On this list is Jurassic Park and Hook.)

When I was little, we only had access to 2/3 Indiana Jones movies, for obvious reasons. (thus I have see the other two WAY more times than Doom) The Temple of Doom holds a scene in it that can scar any child for life. Actually…now that I think about it…all 3 films do…OH WELL. In a scene where a temple sacrifice is taking place, an ancient priest rips out a mans heart. My dad thought this scene trumps the scene in The Raiders of the Lost Arc where the two Nazis faces melt off, or in The Last Crusade where the man literally decomposes in front of your eyes. But I digress, ha.

I still remember watching these movies with my Dad when I was very little…so little in fact that his hand fit over my face. I vividly remember him placing his hand over my eyes when the man decomposes in The Last Crusade. He didn’t want me seeing stuff like that, but I tugged on his hand so that I could see. I saw…and then fully realized why he was covering my eyes. A lesson is trusting parents, haha.

The Temple of Doom is frequently regarded as the lesser of the original three Jones films. The action keeps up and the traditional integration with fantastical spiritual themes makes the adventure seem that much more like a truly unbelievable journey. I still enjoy watching these films over and over again, and they will forever be on my list of ‘All Time Greats.’

One thought on “Film #5: Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom

  1. Sorry to burst your bubble Eric, but Doom was the second Jones movie. A rather lackluster sequel to the first which, in my opinion, is the best. The third (last crusade) is a close second, and the fourth…well, let’s just stick with the first three.

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