Film #4: How to Train Your Dragon

Tonight I watched, How to Train Your Dragon. I have seen this movie before, and I loved it the first time. Nothing has changed the second time around. This animated movie is all about a young, Viking hopeful named Hiccup. His problem: He is the clutz of the village and can’t kill a Dragon to save his life…really. Dragons are a pest in this movie, who take their livestock and create chaos in the village. Hiccup gets ambitious during an attack and succeeds in trapping the most deadly Dragon of all. Soon, he learns that dragons are not what Vikings thought they were. They have the capacity for compassion.

How to Train Your Dragon is fun, funny, and visually stunning for a basic animated movie. This movie navigates the ever complicated waters of Father-son expectations and explores the dichotomy of doing wrong to please your family, or listening to your heart and doing what is right.

Additionally, the soundtrack to this movie is incredible, and really allows the viewer to be moved by the stunning visuals provided by the exceptional animators. I also thoroughly enjoyed watching Hiccup transition from trying to do something that he knew was wrong, to flourishing within his talents for good.

It’s a feel good movie that leaves you wanting a pet Dragon and wishing that you could fly. I have always enjoyed well made animated movies, and I think that is why I have been a fan of Pixar since I first saw Toy Story (aside from the fact that all Pixar movies are pure Gold.) I enjoyed watching this movie for a second time and I think that anyone can enjoy this movie as well.


2 thoughts on “Film #4: How to Train Your Dragon

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