Film #1: Clear and Present Danger

Tonight I watched the film Clear and Present Danger with Harrison Ford. This movie is very nostalgic for me, mainly because my Dad owned this movie when I was a kid…and still does I believe. If growing up in a home with over 900 movies doesn’t make a kid into a movie buff, I’m not sure what will. With movies like the Rocky series, Alien series, Indiana Jones trilogy, Star Wars trilogy, and countless…well…900 others, I quickly became a huge fan of movies, and still am to this day.

I first saw Clear and Present Danger when I was a teenager and I loved it. My dad had all three: Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger, and Hunt for the Red October. All three were filled with intrigued, action, and suspense. It doesn’t hurt that I absolutely LOVE Harrison Ford and almost anything that he does.

Clear and Present Danger is all about a crisis that evolves from the President’s friend getting killed accidentally by drug dealers. The President takes the offense more seriously than your average killing because, “It was the first time it was a friend of mine!,” to quote the film. The film evolves as an illegal war is waged on the drug trade in Columbia and Harrison Ford’s character is caught right in the middle of it.

I love this movie for its simplistic elements: action without graphic violence, zero hard language, and minimal sexual situations. Not that a movie with a trace of these elements is black listed or anything, I can just appreciate a film that does this well at keeping me entertained without resorting to those extreme measures. I had fun indulging my nostalgia and watching a classic in my eyes.

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