Light 6.28.12

[written on my porch between 5am-8am]

Light is an interesting thing. It has the ability to sing and the skill to sting. What I mean is that light can make aware beauty in everything, but it can also uncover many ugly things, dirty things, uncomfortable things. Light gives power to the eye, and takes it away from the lie. Deception lies in the darkness, which the light melts away; like a slow decay. The light has a say. Dark had its day. Now the horizon blooms. Where black and blue reside, now firey orange looms. Consuming everything it touches, yellow beams of truth. What in the blackness seemed unsure, now doesn’t seem so aloof. It’s fully morning now, no darkness to call. Like a bad memory, dissolved from it all. And the light that remains gives a golden hue, to highlight the life in a day anew.


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