A New Frontier in Freedom

Well, this morning I went to my commencement ceremony and walked. Just in time too, four people after me, they announced a severe weather warning and suspended the ceremony! I was so proud to be done, and to re-join my family waiting for me with open arms and bright smiles. Kisses, hugs, and laughing are a big part of my family, and they were in no short supply today. Right now we are waiting for the weather to die down a bit before we fire up the grill and get eating.

I wanted to address the fact that my blog has been receiving SO much attention as of late. Two days ago, my blog post, “Here at the End of All Things…” was Freshly Pressed by WordPress. I couldn’t be more ecstatic and surprised by this, and I want to thank WP for doing that. I first starting writing blog posts in 2005, and I started writing for myself and for the entertainment of others. I never began writing to gain the approval or admiration of the masses, but merely to make you laugh, make you think, and make you love. If I’ve done that, then I’ve done my job.

Now, something I’ve noticed recently, that caught my attention, was a realization I had the other day. The realization was about facebook status’s and the progression of technology in today’s world. This is my thought: If something cool or weird, or awesome happens to someone, they will usually make a status about it. Additionally, if something stupid, unusual, or strange happens, someone will make a status about it. Finally, if something pointless, annoying, or completely irrelevant to me happens, someone will make a status about it. What I came to think is this: Facebook status’s, or “stati”, are just the unfiltered, textual, outward reflection of our minds. It’s Mind poetry, mind education, mind vomit. It’s all of these things. The interesting thing is this: Never before have we been SO in touch with what is going on in stranger’s minds. Never before have we even had the means to express our minds on such a large and public scale.

This strange change in communication has left many with a sense of intrusion that they don’t exactly know how to handle yet. They feel like the world is their stage and they are free to just say what they want. To a certain extent, that’s not far off. Their freedom doesn’t exactly make good dinner conversation, but it is yet another layer of freedom that has been explored. Still, I caution you this: Think…before doing something. Take this advise and use it for multiple situations. If there is something that doesn’t really need to be said, and may offend/hurt, then be aware of your words. They hold more power than you may realize.

I was just driving in my car when I thought about this phenomenon of sorts. I feel we are so used to updating status’s that we don’t realize whats really going on, but these statements are becoming more and more of a representation of “what is going on inside my mind.” This is how my brain works” “These are my thinking patterns.” I wouldn’t be surprised to see some research studies being done on “stati” in the upcoming years.

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3 thoughts on “A New Frontier in Freedom

  1. theworshipwarriorbride

    Agree! One of the most respected journalist here in the Philippines is actually known for his campaign “Thinks before you click” which is true enough. What is said is said and we’ll be remembered most likely by the last things we did or the last word we said. nice post

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