Bucketlist & Social Workers in Space?!?

I have a new item on my bucketlist. Yes I have a bucketlist. It’s simple. You think of the things that you’ve always wanted to do, but for some reason can’t. Then you put them on a list. As life goes on, you’ll find that you run into opportunities where you cross those items off your list.

Having a bucketlist can make a person seem whimsical or non-committal. “If you want to do those things on the list, THEN JUST GO OUT AND DO THEM!”…some might say. Those would be your “go-getters.” In reality, there are obstacles that get in the way of us doing what we’ve always wanted to do. Carrying out our heart’s desires, intrigues, and wildest dreams can seem so far off and distant. For you, I say, “hold out.”

The unique thing about a bucket list is that it is very parallel to what therapist use in therapy sessions. We work with the client to make sure they have some sort of goal(s) that they are trying to reach while in session. (not with all clients, but with most) Most goals will be manageable and achievable, so that they do not become discouraged for not reaching it. Baby Steps. But, we also encourage the client to think big, even if it is one goal that may seem outside their reach. And Go For It.

A bucketlist is just a list of “goals” that you hope to accomplish one day. Lofty aspirations and maybe a few that you really do hope come to pass. A life without direction is a boat on open seas without a navsat. Frightening. Aimless. Confused. Even if you set just one goal for yourself, I challenge you to do that today. It will give you direction, purpose, meaning, and motivation. And who knows, it may even cause you to think about that thing you’ve always wanted to do, but never did…for whatever reason.

Oh! I almost forgot! I added a new item to my bucketlist. Okay, so check it out: Social Workers….IN SPACE! Eh?? Ehh?? Astronauts need therapy too…God knows they do. I’ve got a few different titles for my new position that I just made up: Orbiting Social Worker (OSW), Astronaut Social Worker (ASW), Space Social Worker (SSW), Outer Space Social Worker (OSSW), Space Station Social Worker (SSSW), and one of my favorites, Planetary Social Worker (PSW). There are Psychologist in space, but not Social Workers…to my knowledge. One thing’s for sure if this ever pans out, I’d be low in the referrals department, haha.

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