A Week Without Facebook: In Reflection

It is a funny thing that happens when you realize something new. You act like you knew it all along, but if you’re honest with yourself, this is an important moment.

For the entire week of April 1st, I was leaving fb, youtube, hulu, netflix, and any other site that seemed to distract me. I did this in correlation with what my church was doing together as a community. What I found was something so much more. The time away from these sites has been some of the most reflective and positive time away that I have had in the past. As some of you know, I spend time away from facebook because it sucks away time that could be used to be productive in my studies, and work. I see this subtraction in time with my other friends as well. I see the toll that it takes on them. It is sad, and maybe a bit presumptuous, but I think that facebook is subtly making people less productive in America.

When I decided to stop opening facebook at work, I noticed an INSANE amount of work getting done. It was seriously night and day. I know that everyone does not check facebook ALL the time and they are probably not addicted to it, but still, I hold by my position that facebook is a subtle killer. It gradually takes away your time, not all at once.

Now I know that many of you are all up in arms about how I am painting the picture of facebook, and you will say, “Hey…Eric….you still use facebook.” And yes, I do. But, I have always reshaped how I view facebook and when I use facebook. I don’t use it at work, and I no longer have it open when I am doing classwork/bring a laptop to class with internet.

I Challenge You. I challenge you to try what I’ve tried. Don’t criticize until you have tried to bring back some sense of productivity back into your life. End Distraction. Limit Facebook.


One thought on “A Week Without Facebook: In Reflection

  1. I’ve tried actually and yeah i agree it really is a waste of time. However, i’m still checking it for communication purposes not just to my friends but for relatives.

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