Wisdom Teeth & Crazy Dreams….

So I got my top two wisdom teeth out the other day. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know what you are all saying to yourself, “OH YEAH! Well I got FOUR of em’ taken out!!”  Yeah, okay, thats just fine. You keep telling your four wisdom teeth story Mr. Oneupper.

ANYWAY, so I went into the oral surgeon’s office at the crack of stupid to get my top two wisdom teeth taken out. My buddy, Eric Brown took me there so that I wouldn’t have to drive back. They sit me down in this seriously elegant dentist chair. I felt like I was sitting on a thousand kleenex, just bundled up. They slip a mask on me that only covers my nose. I felt like Luke Sywalker in that one scene where he’s healing up. Then the doc comes in and starts talking to me in a soft voice. By now the Nitrus Oxide is kickin’ in and I feel like talking slowly myself. He then tells me, “Okay, this is the sedation…” I can’t see him, but I’m guessing that he’s putting it through the IV they stuck in my arm. All of a sudden I feel them telling me it’s over and I can get up. It seriously felt like 5 minutes went by. The procedure was 45 minutes, and my buddy took me home. But not before we went to Walgreens to get some prescription. The Doc gave me a prescription for Vicodin. Yeah. Vicodin. This is some serious medication, haha. The stuff ended up breaking my wallet a bit to get. Yeah, it cost me $2.98!!! WHAT?! wait, wait, wait. Vicodin cost me two bucks!? It was kind of comical.

I wasn’t really in that much pain. The first day was moderately painful, but  today is not bad at all. Oh boy, I slept a ton the other day though. I napped for 4 hours after reading for a bit, then slept from 3pm-8pm, and then I woke up this morning at 9am, read some more, then slept some more until 12pm. The weird thing was that I am and was not that drowsy. I was totally fine. That’s not a pride thing, because I was kinda expecting to be seriously drowsy. That seemed to not be the case. I have been getting rest, which has been great.

Speaking of which. I had a heck of a dream the other night. You can read it in the previous post here:


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