And the Winner Is…..!


6th Place–Zebra Surari
5th Place–Pilot Acroball
4th Place–Pilot Dr. Grip
3rd Place–Pentel Japan Tradio Stylo
2nd Place–Uni-ball Vision Elite
AND the Winner of The Ultimate Pen Competition of 2012 is……
1st Place–Uni Jetstream SX-210

The Ultimate Pen is: The Jetstream SX-210

Think I got it wrong??? Write in the comments what YOU think The Ultimate Pen should be. If there are enough responses, I will do another Ultimate Pen Competition.

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5 thoughts on “And the Winner Is…..!

  1. Robert

    Rolerballs and Gels are sexy but so what. Give me a ballpoint every time. Flight safe, long lasting and proven winners by the millions of users for 60 years. Interesting article though so thanks.

  2. Carlos

    I’m planning to buy the Jetstream SX-210 as I’ve heard it’s the fastest pen I could buy. However, I’ve read that it’s recommended for the left-handed, and as I’m a right-handed I would like to know why is it recommended for them and if I could use it without any kind of trouble. Thank you beforehand.

    1. Carlos, I think that they recommend it to left handed people because of its drying speed (which means it’ll smear less) You can most definitely use it without any trouble. I’ve used it and I’m right handed. Go get one, you won’t regret it.

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