Penvy? or Penemy: The Search for “The Ultimate Pen.”

Hello. Welcome to a very special post where the same unbiased reviewer that brought you, “Kony 2012: An Unbiased Summary”, will bring you another unbiased post discussing once and for all the great unanswered question of our time: “What is The Ultimate Pen?” We’ve all been there. We’re writing all day for work, taking notes for class, writing a letter, or filling out our taxes, and the ink stops flowing from the pen. For whatever reason the pen stops working. Or, there is too much ink flow and the ink soaks the paper which leaves a black splotch behind. Or, the pen is too small, and after many minutes of writing, your hand cramps up and becomes tired of writing. Whatever your reason to become distressed over the failings of the pen, you have had many.

Similarly, I would wager that you have had many Great experiences with a pen. Maybe, you have even sworn your allegiance to a particular pen…the Sword in the Stone if you will. The King of All Pen-kind. The pen that is “penough” for you. I could go all day with pen puns…but I wont. I can already feel you squirming at how corny this post is getting. SO, this post will lay to rest the age old question, “Which pen is the greatest pen of all time?” The pen that fits perfectly in my hand and doesn’t cause cramping. The pen that has perfect ink flow and never skips on the page. The pen that is affordable and sexy too. (didn’t think a pen could be sexy eh? Well it can.) In the extended version of this post, I, Eric Peterson, will rigorously test, bluntly assess, and give a prognosis to each of the six pens reviewed. Ordered in from Japan, these pens were chosen after hours of research, pouring over countless glowing reviews, and consulting with the best in the biz until….FINALLY, the list was complete. It was narrowed from over twenty pens to these “Super Six,” you see before you. The pen companies represented will be quickly recognized: UniBall, Uni, Pilot, Zebra, and Pentel. The models being reviewed (in random order) are:

  1. Uni Jetstream SX-210 1.0mm Roller Ball Pen, Black
  2. Uni-ball Vision Elite 0.8mm Gel Ink Rollerball Pen, Black
  3. Pilot Dr. Grip Full Black Ball Point Pen 0.7mm
  4. Zebra Surari 0.7mm Emulsion Ink Ball Pen, Dark Black
  5. Pentel Japan Tradio TRJ50 Stylo Ink Pen, Black
  6. Pilot Acroball 0.7mm Fine Ball Pen, Black
To view the complete spec analysis of the pens mentioned above, follow THIS LINK FOR PART 1, and then THIS LINK FOR PART 2. This will give you all the nitty gritty details, and what I found out about each pen. Then, I will rate the pens by performance in the tests given to each of them. And finally, the Ultimate Pen will have a name. Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section of the Extended Review on what YOUR favorite pen is, and why. If I get enough responses, who knows…I may do another round of  “The Ultimate Pen” to see if they can knock out the reigning champ.

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