Extended “Super Six” Pen Review 2012 Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of the search to find The Ultimate Pen. Let’s continue!

#4 Uni-ball Vision Elite 0.8mm Gel Ink Rollerball Pen, Black

  • Capped
  • There is a fair bit of resistance when trying to remove the cap on this pen. The one hand test was a success (uncapping the pen with one hand) There is a resounding “click” when you put the cap back on. This is good and let’s you know it’s safe. Still, maybe too secure.
  • The weight of the pen is nice. This pen is not heavy, and allows ease of writing. Exact weight & length: 42oz, 5.58in(capped) 6.0in (uncapped)
  • The feel is glossy. The entire body of the pen is glossy, but it makes the surface of the pen a little less grippy.
  • The grip is non-existent. There is an area where you can grip the pen, but there is no actual grip-like surface. There are grooves carved into the plastic grip section, to aid in grip of the pen, but the grip is much more slippery than the other pens.
  • This pen is a RollerBall Ink Pen.
  • The Vision Elite has a very smooth ink trail. This pen is so very easy to write with. It takes almost no effort whatsoever to write with this pen. 5/5 for Smoothness and Ease of writing. (in Appendix 1.1)
  • The Volume of Ink on the page is substantial. There is much more ink on the page with the rollerball than with the ballpoint pens. Still, there are no spills, blotches, or leaks. There seems to be a perfect equilibrium of ink being placed on the page.
  • Width of ink on the page seems to be thick. At .8mm, it is a larger thickness of a line than the ballpoints.
  • Skippage: Zero. This pen will never skip, unless it’s kicking the bucket and it dying.
  • Ink Dry Time: The Vision Elite was absolutely horrible at drying after 5 seconds and 10 seconds. However, when I thought all was lost, the ink dried dramatically after 20 seconds, and had nearly no smear at 45 seconds. (in Appendix 1.2)
  • Refill: Takes UBR-90 (08)
  • Sex Appeal: This pen is a Capped pen. The sex appeal on a capped pen automatically goes up because of the extra step users must take to open the pen. The Vision Elite could be more appealing if it was given a full black finish. Still, the very sleek, glossy, and simple style of this pen give it great marks. 8.5/10 on Appearance. 
  • Material: This pen is made mostly of plastic, with a chrome pen clip.
  • Pen Point: 0.8mm
  • Price: $1.72 USD
  • Prognosis: I absolutely love this pen. With light given to its flaws such as the smears within 10 seconds after the ink hits the page, and the white finish on the body of the pen…the benefits outnumber the flaws. This pen is so smooth and easy to write with, you will want to come back to it over and over.

#5 Uni Jetstream SX-210 1.0mm Roller Ball Pen, Black

  • Capped
  • Similarly to the Vision Elite, the Jetstream SX-210 needs a good tug to get the cap off, making the pen very secure. The one hand test was a success, after a few attempts. Putting the cap back on the pen gives a very audible “click” which leaves no room for doubt that you capped the pen.
  • This pen is fairly light, and does not lend to fatigue of the user’s hand. Exact weight & length: .53oz, 5.4in (capped) 5.6in (uncapped)
  • The feel of this pen in my hand is incredible. The non-slip surface provides zero opportunities for this pen to fall out of your hands. The diameter of the pen is medium diameter, which aids the user when using the pen for long periods of time. Excellent.
  • The grip of the Jetstream SX-210 is made from the same material as the body of the pen. This gives the user a sticky grip. The grip also has transparent slots to view the ink.
  • This is a RollerBall Pen.
  • The Jetstream SX-210 was a seriously smooth ride. It was bizarre because I was expecting a closer ink type to the Vision Elite, but it was more of a hybrid of the ink from the ballpoints previously reviewed, and the ink from the Elite. It wasn’t too flowy, but it wasn’t restrictive when writing with it. I’m seriously impressed. High marks. 5/5 for Smoothness and Ease of writing. (in Appendix 1.1)
  • The volume of ink on the page was absolutely perfect. The ink volume was not too messy, and not too thin.  Never was there a spill, or seepage on the page. Only once was there a blotch of ink in the thin line test, but other than that, it was very good.
  • The width of the ink on the page was thin. 
  •  Skippage: There was zero skippage with this pen, and I doubt there would ever be any. The lines were solid and so were the letters in the sentences.
  • Ink Dry Time: Now, this pen’s ink was advertised to be quick dry and waterproof. We tested for dry, and this pen kicked everyone out of the running. There was no need to test past 10 seconds. At 10 seconds this pen’s ink was fully dried. This is the Left Handed Pen User’s Friend. (in Appendix 1.2)
  • Refill: Takes SXR-C1
  • Sex Appeal: Alright. So far, there has been no other pen that has looked quite as good as the Jetstream SX-210. This pen was crafted by a master. The sheer design of the full black and complimenting chrome blends perfectly. This pen has an allur that screams luxury. Even the ink cartridge inside the pen has a chrome outer casing so that the label “Jetstream” is reflected within it’s mirrored surface. Beautiful detail. Use this pen to sign checks, important documents, and especially in front of the ladies…cause this pen will get attention even if you don’t.  9.5/10 on Appearance. 
  • Material: Made with chrome, plastic, rubber, and non-stick finish
  • Pen Point: 1.0mm, this is the largest pen point out of the pens reviewed.
  • Price: $1.85 USD
  • Prognosis: At $1.85, why wouldn’t you buy this pen over and over again. With the way this pen looks, that might be enough, but Uni decided to go for gold. This pen writes super smooth, doesn’t skip at all, the ink doesn’t spill on the page, fits nice in the hand, grips well, and oh, did I mention that it is drop dead gorgeous?? Go buy one.

#6 Pentel Japan Tradio TRJ50 Stylo Ink Pen, Black

  • Capped
  • This pen is SO easy to de-cap and re-cap. This pen passed the one handed test with flying colors on the first try. The pen still offers a “snap” to indicate that you succeeded in capping the pen.
  • The Tradio is not heavy, but it is not super light either. I would say that you can tell it’s a bit heavier than the average “cheap” pen. Heft is good in this case. Exact weight & length: .53oz, 5.7in (capped) 6.3in (uncapped)
  •  The feel of the Tradio in my hand is Excellent. It almost feels like an extension of my hand. It is a very good length so that it can easily rest on the user’s hand.
  • The Grip looks like it is made from hard transparent plastic. This sounds uncomfortable, but somehow Pentel has found a way to make a hard surface almost feel like a cushioned surface. Excellent.
  • This pen is a Stylo Ink Pen.
  • This pen was a fairly smooth writer. The problem with me not saying it was a FANTASTICALLY smooth ride, was because I felt like I was going to break the tip at any moment. This pen is a illustrator’s pen, a styling pen. This is in a class of it’s own. This model comes with a rollerball cartridge, which would be a MUCH better fit for the pen. 4/5 for Smoothness and Ease of writing. (in Appendix 1.1)
  • Volume of ink on page can be controlled. You can decide to have a large volume of ink on the page, or you can decide to minimize the ink flow by using the fine tip on the pen. I thought this pen would spill and flow, but it did not. Excellent control of the ink flow.
  • The width of ink on the page is also not a fixed thing. You can turn the tip of the pen to make a broad stroke, or write on the tip for a fine line.
  • Skippage: You will NOT have to worry about skippage in a pen like the Tradio. This pen is meant for good ink flow.
  • Ink Dry Time: The Tradio smeared on the 5 second mark, but barely smeared at the 10 second mark. The 20 second and 45 second mark smear was barely visible. (in Appendix 1.2)
  • Refill: It is refillable with “MLJ20. Tradio “Stylo Ink” is not hard to come by. The real gem is trying to find a supplier of the Tradio Rollerball Cartridge…they are very rare. You can find them here. There. I’ve done the work for you.
  • Sex Appeal: This pen has the Don Draper of sex appeal. This has to be the most drop dead sexy pen I have ever seen. This pen has a streamlined look that reminds you of something they would give first class passengers on a plane. This is the pen that the President would sign a bill into law with. Everything from the full black finish, to the transparent grip, which allows the user to view the ink spilling into the tip, to the window in the cap that allows you to view the pen tip and color, gives me an easy job in rewarding this pen with the highest marks, for the most appealing pen in the bunch.  10/10 on Appearance.
  • Material: Very Hard plastic, some chrome.
  • Pen Point: unknown
  • Price: $4.99 USD
  • Prognosis: This is a difficult pen to give a final word for, and it has nothing to do with the price surprising enough. I feel like this pen could have taken the others for a ride around “Ultimate Pen Park” if it were the Rollerball cartridge. Given that the tip the pen came with is more of a “brush pen” feel than a traditional pen feel, I had a hard time writing with it. Not because it didn’t write smooth, but more because I felt precarious with the tip of the pen, which reminded me of a harder felt tip than anything else. I stand by my judgement. This is an absolutely beautiful pen design, the feel is incredible, the weight is great, ink dried quickly, but the tip material is something I just couldn’t get passed.

The Decision for The Ultimate Pen has been made. VIEW IT HERE!! 

Appendix 1.1

Appendix 1.2

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