Next Stop…Brain Landfill.

This fast from media really couldn’t have come at a beter time. I’ve been getting more done in the past couple days, than I have in weeks. I seriously think the equation is simple. Remove yourself from those things that are drawing your gaze, and take a break from them. I’ve known some people who love to race. Bike, swim, or run. I’ve known them all. People who race, and are good at it, hold to a certain code. “Nothing is getting in the way of my concentration. Not a thing.” And you see it too. Olympic athletes who wear the earbuds before a race. In interviews they say,

“It keeps me focused on what I have coming up and prevents me from daydreaming.” 
“it helps me block out distraction and actually having to focus in on trying to get relaxed and calm.”
“it keeps me focused and I feel like I can focus on how things are going during or before a match.”

Life is a race, whether you are running or taking it in. There are SO many distractions to draw your gaze. Often, I let them draw my gaze and I don’t mind. But, doing this in repitition will cause your brain to create pathways and those pathways will get larger, and wider making it easier to become distracted. We need to actively try and forget that which is not important and will just clutter up our minds. (

I have always been a huge fan of youtube, and I love watching videos that intrigue me, wow me, and even surprise me. I feel that video can be a very raw gateway to the human condition. still….I feel that for the majority of the time, it is junk. I sometimes feel that I am cluttering up my mind, and it is getting stuffed with pointless information/cultural bile. I feel this way about a few other things as well. Some TV, movies, the entirety of, sorry reddit lovers.

The fact is, your brain is like a hard drive, and the more that you put into it, the more your brain has to remember and recall. Eventually, you are going to have to delete the junk and throw it into the recycle bin or trash. If you train yourself to only allow certain things into your mind, then you can free up a lot of space in there. This can cause you to become absent minded, forget things easier, feel like your brain is processing something that used to be instant. Your mind should not be a Landfill that you dump images, videos, and other sensory data that has no purpose. Treat your brain right.

With this in mind, I am grateful for the time away, as it gives me clear conscience to leave the junk behind. What junk are you dragging with you?


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