Knowing is Important. Or is it?

Today is the first day in the 7 day long media fast. I’d have to say that it is going pretty well. I am using gmail and wordpress for simply necessital reasons. Necessital is not a word, don’t bother looking it up. I do that sometimes. Makes life interesting. ANYWAY. So yeah, writing doesn’t distract me from doing what I really need to be doing, unlike other sites that I have taken away from regular viewing.

I don’t often get too deep on you, my readers, because I don’t like to offend. Most of you know that I am a spiritual man, and that I follow a higher power. I don’t do this out of lemming conviction, where I am just going with the flow without any reflective decision making. No. I have come to believe in God on my own terms and in my own ways. I am not influenced by FOX News, and I don’t always vote Republican. I am not a “conventional Christian,” whatever that would even mean, and with that comes a price sometimes. I am a firm, FIRM believer that everyone must come to their own conclusions about belief in one way or another.

KNOWING is much different than you may think. There are much too many Christians who are not able to hold down a complicated conversation about what they believe, why they believe it, and answer questions that someone who is curious about their faith may have. This is a problem. If you represent Christ, be prepared to actually represent Him. Too often I hear stories about Christians in the media or in places of power Failing to uphold basic truths about our faith. They simply cop out to please the masses or to refrain from stepping on toes. This paints a horrible light on what I choose to believe, and makes me look bad.

All I ask, for those Christians reading this post, is that you figure out what you believe. And especially on “hard to talk about topics,” such as: Birth control, Homosexuality, Women in Leadership, Drinking, Truth, Why pain exists, Why good people suffer, Does everyone go to heaven, Eschatology, The Resurrection, Jesus, The Trinity, Spiritual Gifts, Baptism, Can other Religions be also true, etc. It is important to not live on autopilot when it comes to something that you believe in. If I believed in a cause, I would find out as much as I could about it and become very well versed on it, so that I could effectively create change. To compare how we treat other things we believe in with our personal relationship with Jesus, can be quite an eye opener. Why do we care so little about it? Why are we so complacent? Why are there so many spiritually dead?

Some thoughts I had for today. In no way are they easy to think about or talk about, but it’s not really meant to be. I want you to seriously think about this. It’s important to you. Or is it?…

I wont always be discussing faith on this blog, but it may be a theme for the next 7 days. This is my Week-Long Journey.


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