April Showers, bring…..

It’s April. APRIL!! Man March was seriously amazing. I can’t wait to see what April has in store.

The likelihood that the month of April will hold any weight, or meaning for me is highly unlikely, due to the sheer amount of assignments due, and papers to write for classes. April is a month of due dates, typing, planning, and stressing. This is MY experience, or so I have lead myself to believe. I don’t recommend doing this to yourself. I tell clients this nearly everyday that I go into the office. “You cannot tell the future, this is distorted thinking when you believe that you can.” Clients will say phrases like, “It will never work out” or “I just know that it will happen.” The client will never allow themselves to progress and grow thanks to the distorted thoughts taking over the mind.

Sorry for that. Basically, if you can recognize when you are thinking those thoughts, and use strategies to defend against them, you can stop Distorted Thinking. Boom. Still, I have to find a job in Michigan, a place to work in New Zealand, work out paperwork for immigration, get an excellent grade for all my classes, move into an apartment in June, plan a fundraiser, and a few other things. I already know that you are sick of hearing about how much is on my plate, so I will not devote any more time to it.

My trip to Grand Rapids over the weekend was so beyond great. My friends are some of the most unique group of people I have ever met. Needless to say, I WOULD be friends with them. If you don’t know this already about myself, I can be kindof a unique guy. But, I loved hanging out with Dan Prins, Jeremiah Mallin, Jeff Stern, Matt Faber, and Brandon Haan. The weekend began with showing up to the boy’s house and catching up on old times. We got food, had a few drinks, and called it a night. I woke up to the boys making coffee and heading out to Wolfgangs, a local breakfast restaurant that is easily one of my favorite places to eat, next to Brandywine (another local eatery). Then I met up with Brandon Haan, and embraced him as a brother. It had been a long time. I then proceeded to play the most elaborate prank on him to make him LOOSE THE GAME. Yeah, sorry for you all that just lost the game. But it was EPIC. Still, a magician never reveals his secrets, so I wont say what I did. After that, I got dressed to go to a wedding for a good friend of mine who I used to counsel with at Springhill Camps in Evart, MI. It was a beautiful wedding, and I was glad to be apart of it. I left the wedding after it was over, and I drove home.

The weekend was particularly amazing, not because it was in Michigan, or because I was able to travel. It was not amazing because of the food, or even because the stress level was next to zero. This weekend was incredible because I was with friends. Friends that love me and love to be around me. Friends that I can count on having a great time with. Friends that I don’t have to TRY with, or please. This week, I was surrounded by Good Men, and it was wonderful.

Also, I wanted to let you all know that I will be writing a post everyday, for the NEXT 7 days, in correlations with my church’s “week long fast” until April 8th, Easter Sunday. For me, I will be staying away from facebook, youtube, twitter, or any other media outlet that draws time away. WordPress will not count, and neither will Gmail.

See you all on the flip-side


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