The Gears Grind Once More

So, today is the first day back at the internship since my break last Saturday. I have to admit, it feels a little bit odd. I’m gonna have to get used to not having a lot of time to get my assignments done again. (that sentence was horrible) Life seemed so much simpler when I had: me, my papers, and my sleep. There wasn’t a care in the world, except avoiding distractions and grabbing a bit every once and a while.

I think that over the past 8 or 9 days that I have been away from classes and the internship, I have managed to create and utilize a few different time management techniques that will help me to get to May 6th unscathed. Juggling the many tasks of my life is once again the main show in this one man circus and it should get interesting.

Last night I picked up my mom from Midway at around 11pm. It is good to see her again. Also, it is good to have some noise in the house, even if it is footsteps on the hardwood floor downstairs. Like I said before, I enjoyed my time alone and I really did learn a lot. Everything has its seasons. I would not have liked to stay alone in the house any longer than I needed to, and vacations away from home tend to be just the right amount of time. We all know that it will end, and something else will begin. That is the fun, and the excitement of life as we know it.

Now, I am off to turn in some survey’s to my university and then head off to the internship, Revived, Rejuvenated, and Ready to tackle the Monday that awaits me. It’s a new day, but it feels like a new month. Maybe that has something to do with this warm breeze!


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