Eric Unclehood

Today, I get to show my niece just how cool I really am. Tonight, I am watching Elisia for my sister and brother in law. Yeah she may be asleep the whole time, but I’m sure she’ll wake up at least once..and that’s when my legendary skills of Unclehood shine. She wont even know what’s going on. She’ll just be all like, “Whoa, this is crazy, I’m having the most fun of my life, which isn’t really that hard cause I’m only a little older than six months BUT STILL!! THIS IS AWESOME!!” Yeah, I’m kind of a big deal.

It will be a good break, because as of RIGHT NOW, I am getting back to my paper writing and…it is a pretty daunting paper to write. I know that I will get through it alright, so I am powering through it right now to get as much of it done as I possibly can.

Peace until I’m done…which will be Monday. I’ll be posting an update on Sunday as well. This is one of my more boring pieces of work, and for this…..I do not apologize. Life is boring sometimes. This is one of those times. LIS

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