FAT…otherwise known as “Insulation.” (repost 12/14/10)

I am reposting this today because this week has consisted of: sitting around the house eating, working/writing, walking to get a drink, working, eating, working and going to bed….dreaming of working.

Alright gents, lets get something straight here. Letting yourself go during the winter months is not a problem. Who ever said it was?! They did not have a working brain and therefore were a cucumber.

Here’s the thing. Since when did it take 3 years and a blood thirsty devotion to marathons to loose a few pounds? Adding a little poundage when it’s cold is not bad. Animals do it. According to New World Encyclopedia, “The consumption of fats in the diet requires personal responsibility and discipline.” I tell you what. I got the discipline to kill a bull…or a cow. They taste better. Actually, scratch that. A Buffalo. Have you ever had a buffalo burger?!?! It’s like God made a cow and was like, “OH SNAP, I forgot about the buffalo!? SHAZAM! And so the buffalo tasted better than a cow.

Enough with the slim talk. Yeah. I have gained a few 10 pounds. This is non-sense for me to feel bad about. It’s non-sense for women to feel bad about too…..but I’m talking to men, sorry women.

Now for some facts: Fat cushions organs against shock, fat helps maintain body temperature, fat insulates against the COLD, fat is needed to be digested (eaten) in order to produce much needed linoleate and linolenate. OKAY! Let’s slow this last one down. GOD knew that you needed fat on your bones to live. These necessary fatty acids (linoleate and linolenate) cannot be created internally by your body. YOU NEED FAT.

So the next time someone asks you, “What’s this?? [points to my belly]” (I explain to her without hesitation what it is…then she says,) “What?! no, no, no, you can’t “let go”, you don’t have a girlfriend yet!” (Honest to God, this was conversation happened on Sunday–not to mention all things wrong with this comment…), you tell her what I told you men of the monosaturated fats. Stand tall and eat, at the end of this year.

But after the cold wears off, go run some of that off. I’m not saying keep it around like this guy.


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