I’M DEAD (repost from April 27th, 2010)

Why am I reposting an old post? Well, lets just say that I made an unwise decision to….not go to bed at all last night. I stayed up late writing a literature review, finished at around 6am and thought, “Self…if you go to bed now, and wake up in…oh I don’t know….2hours….you’ll feel worse than passengers of Carnival Cruise Lines. So, needless to say, I stayed up watching The Walking Dead, Top Shot, and Firefly reruns. Great morning. Still, I have a feeling that my day in classes will be Less than perfect. Anyway, without further adue, a post from 4.27.10 about a very similar night…

IM DEAD April 27th, 2010

For those of you who thought I was using the colloquial term “IM SO DEAD” or thought I was writing from the grave…..well, you’re both wrong.

Many people thought I was dead today. I’m not. far from it. I guess this is what happens to you when you are without conversation, or step out of facebook for 3 days. Huh, interesting….

Well, THIS is the story….
Sunday I was writing papers until the great sun itself told me, “Hey stupid, its the next day.” So I was like, “snap, this is early.” So what did I do?…I watched infomercials until 6:50, when I go to class…yeah. LIVING HELL. seriously. If you wanna know about Orek vacuum cleaners or the infamousShake Weight, I’m your guy. ANYWAY. So I go to class after not going to bed, doze off once or twice and definitely legitimately fell asleep about twice…with dreams….but only for like 90 seconds tops. Then I get home at 4pm…go to my bed….plop on, clothes and everything. Then I wake up at 5:43 IN THE MORNING. I’m like…”This has got to be a joke.” Nope, no joke. And whats worse, is I felt like I could have gone till like 12pm. WHAT A BUM….yeah, I’ll take that. I was. ANYWAY. Then I get a call from my boss to come and work, so I do. I go refinish a basement and come home at 5:30 PM. So yeah, that brings me to now. So, sorry to all who thought I was dead…to my family, I was. They just left me in my room…they knew I needed the sleep. I love my family.

By the way, if you haven’t already, go see the amazing video done by the lovely students at Calvin College. It is AMAZING. can’t say enough about it. And thanks Calvin for getting So Much Love by: Rocket Summer stuck in my head for the 13 hours I was sleeping and the 12 hours I was working. It was a delight and an annoyance…funny how that worked.

Love you all, seriously, I do. Peace and enjoy the amazing day.

Prayers always.


Hope you all enjoyed that little slice of writing nostalgia. Simpler time back then. Have a great day today people. Live in the Sunlight.



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