ImageOkay, so if you are reading this, it is because I am allowing you to see top secret information about my clients that no one else can see…..hahaha, what a joke. I can’t do that.

Even so, this is what I CAN say: I had some new clients the other day who came in for marriage counseling. It was a difficult situation for both of them. I could tell from the way they were sitting in the waiting room that these two had been through hell and back. Sitting on opposite sides of my office was a clear indicator that my gut instinct was right. The tone of voice that each held was as if the words in their mouths were barely able to make it past their lips.

As soon as the paperwork was done, I made sure to set the tone. I looked at them both and said, “Why are you here?” They began to tell a story that broke my heart. Woman tries hard, man tries hard. They have a baby, and things get harder. Woman and man fight. Woman uses words, man is hurt. Baby stuck in the middle.

This story may seem like a dime a dozen nowadays and you could be right. The fact of the matter is, it still did a work on me. It pains me to see two people, who were at one point joined in marriage, come to this place. I could see the ceremony, friends everywhere, laughter, happiness…love. And then *SNAP* the thought is over and is replaced with the two I see before me, defeated with no idea where this is going.

I am glad that I serve a God who cares about them and cares about restoration, healing, and hope. I believe, with everything in me, that change IS possible. Healing CAN happen. Hope IS there. You just need to be willing to fight.


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