AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don’t let anyone tell you that getting a masters is easy.

It’s funny, My wordpress site, the one that I left blogger for, is now so mainstream…that I am using my blogger to vent my uncensored frustrations.

AAAAAAAAAAAADGHSGJGHJGDgjksalh iods[f[oweh fiowjkl;sJk1or-0tu2it:

No lie? I feel horrible. Today really bummed me out. Not so much the day, as much as when I got home.

The weight of this semester is seriously hitting me in the gut. Only, it isn’t stopping. It’s punching me over, and over, and over and over. Tonight, I seriously wanted to “tap out.”

ALL i can think about is the NEXT thing that has to get done, and each is harder than the last. I JUST NEED SOME TIME TO GET THEM DONE!! Time without interruptions, time without the thought of having to go to internship the next day.

I need this to be over, and the scary thing is…I’m starting to care less about how well I do. I know that is not how I want to feel.

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