International Developments

Well, I apologize for my last post. Sometimes you just need to do things that are weird and stupid. “Why? That’s retarded Eric.” Okay reading audience, first off, don’t use “retarded,”…ever…for anything. If I catch you using that…in any of your sentences again, you’ll get a pretty bad lecture from me. And second, doing something stupid and weird shows vulnerability and shows that you’re human unlike everyone else trying to act perfect. It also colors up life, so do something stupid today. Cause I said so.

NEXT: So the other day, this guy, skyped me and asked if I wanted to do a blog for his church in New Zealand. Naturally, I said yes without a second thought. Writing internationally? Awesome. So now I am writing some sample sections for their sermon series on LOVE and the different kinds of Love that the Bible shows us.

It is kindof a daily thing that I have to keep up with, so it’s a little intimidating, but it also forces me to be a little more organized and Type A. Hahaha, which if you know me, is just not how I get things done around here. STILLLLL, this is a fun project, that at the same time is helping me get into the word ALOT more. WIN/WIN.

Also, in my Program Evaluation course at AU, I am trying to get an International Social Work Course implemented. Not the easiest thing to do, but that is why I am trying to help them recognize the need for one through research and survey analysis. It is important, that if we are sending out social workers into the field, whether that is domestically, or internationally, that they are trained and capable to represent the name of social work in a positive regard. If students travel overseas, who represent Aurora University School of Social Work, and they are not well prepared for social work on an international level–I feel that is wrong. This is why I take the stand I do. Hopefully it will pan out.

One thought on “International Developments

  1. Marilou

    Eric thanks for the comment about the word retarded. Until a few years ago I had no idea how offensive the word is to those who truly have family members or friends with severe mental disabilities. Just wanted to sent that as a pat of the back to you for vocalizing it.

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