“I’ll be moving Here…” [points to hand]

Hello everybody and welcome to Tuesday. It’s not quite Monday, but it might as well be. There was some snow on the ground today, but it disappeared faster than economic confidence in Europe. Speaking of places with snow on the ground….

I am writing this post to inform those who don’t already know…that I am moving to Michigan at the end of May. I have a few weddings to attend to and one to actually be in, but at the end of May, after May 26th, I shall be packing up my things and moving to Grand Rapids. That’s..here…[points to…], oh forget it.

But yeah! It’s exciting news, and I can’t wait. The reason I am moving out there is because they have plenty of social work positions and Illinois couldn’t care less about them right now. Also, while the paperwork is processing for New Zealand, I need to start paying off student loans. Hahaha [nervous laughter]. But seriously, those things wont pay themselves. So the application process has already started and I know who I am living with when I get there. All I need now is a paying job, and a mattress.

Well, now you are up to speed. You know as much as I know. If you have been wanting to hang out for a while, let me know Now, cause I am not going to come back. Haha, but really…I need to save the money. Love you all. Peace.



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