Live in the Sunlight

The title. It’s an interesting concept that I first thought about a few days ago when writing a letter to a good friend. It’s more of a way of life than anything else really. I’m going to explain.

Let’s enter YOUR world for just a second, but stay with me because I can’t read your mind exactly. I’ll stay vague. Let’s say you wake up, earlyish, and get your “breakfast thing” whether that is cereal, a breakfast sandwich at the local fast food restaurant, or your fix of caffeine. The day is already monotonous and monotone. Even the weather is plain. You have already decided, “This is NOT going to be anything special.”

You start driving to work, school, errand #1, etc. and it is a day among a haze of carbon copy days. Not even the bad drivers on the road seem to color the canvas of this day on autopilot. You blink. Half of the day is over. You ask yourself, “I don’t even remember driving here…that’s weird.” The typical people interact with you and the habitual grind of the day continues. It is right about now that you begin to think about what you’ll do when you get home. Nothing. You sigh in anticipation.

Then something unexpected happens. You feel a flutter of excitement because this entire week has been one “expected thing” after the other. This one unexpected surprise begins a chain effect of positive vibes that begin to explode with color and joy! Okay, maybe it doesn’t happen quite like that. But, still, this thing that happened begins to make you feel better, make you feel happy.

Nothing really changes about the day, and it ends. You drive home and you realize something. Today was a good day. Then you think even further. You ask, “Why was it a good day? Today was so plain and…blah.”

The fact is people, you are going to have some “flatline” days. Days that really don’t give you any reason to be excited. Frankly, those days will happen frequently. And yet, you can STILL have a great day when 85% of it was grey because that one unexpected thing happened and made the day so much better. The choice then is placed on you. Are you going to “Live in the Sunlight?” or are you going to “Exist in the Alright?”

PS: I came up with this after having a similar type of day a few days back, but because of ONE good thing, the day became Gold. Think about it.


One thought on “Live in the Sunlight

  1. I’ve gotta say, I haven’t had time up until now but I loved this entry. Seriously, you wrote that so well. And the I appreciate the message because I’ve been there so many times. Thanks for the encouragement!

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