Some writing, deliverance, and Freedom.

There isn’t much to say about what has recently happened to me, because none of you were there. To describe the power of deliverance is to describe how a person can be set free of years of bondage. As you can imagine, it’s pretty hard to put into words with much accurate representation. All I can say about it, is that once again, the men of TheEdge have once again intervened in my life, and with Christ, brought me to a place of healing and Grace. The God we serve is a loving, gracious, and strong God. I cannot wait to move in action in the freedom that Christ provides. God bless you.

Today I featured a little something I wrote in class almost a month back. The context is hazzy, but it is all about the un-forseen future/things to come.

A Stage Within A Stage (10.22.11)
What is a stage, but a platform to shine.
Swallow the butterflies and countdown the time.
This ladder was almost impossible to climb.
The air is cold in this room

The wind carries the warmth with the cool breeze.
North, east, south, and westward, over tops of the trees.
Distance fills the gaps, but I don’t want it to PLEASE!
This room is foreign.

This journey is draining me like a plug in a sink.
Seeing two meld to one, send an apathetic wink.
Endless nights on the edge, sending me to the brink.
Show me the exit.

This is a stage within a stage, a plan inside a cage.
A place to set sail for the chapter in the page.
The message in a bottle is just bottled up rage.
This room is now home.

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