Elevendy 11, 2011

Today is a cool day, special from most of the others. For everyone, today has a certain meaning. I know that for most, today is a day that we can commemorate Veterans. Some stuff you may not have known about today:

November 11th was first labeled Armistice Day by Woodrow Wilson in 1919 after the 1st World War. The day continued to be a great source of inspiration to the country as it was the “War to end all Wars,” that is, until WWII. Armistice Day began to loose it’s potency, war after war that we fought.
In 1953, Alvin King, a shoe repair man, had the idea to expand the day to all vets and so call it, “Veterans Day.” In 1954, that is just what Congress did. They renamed Armistice Day into Veterans Day, to honor ALL veterans who have served this country.
For a stint in 1971, Veterans Day was moved to the fourth Monday in October, but in 78′ the holiday was moved back to its original date, November 11th.
Some companies take off for Veterans Day, and in a poll taken in Society for Human Resource Management in 2010, 21 percent of employers planned to observe the holiday in 2011.
I know that some schools take off for the holiday, as the school that I am running a group for, failed to mention to me today. That was a “fun” trip to the empty school.

Today has many other meaning though. Corey Mac is having a birthday today. Matthew Bailey is celebrating his birthday today. My fellow camp counselor Alex Hayes’s birthday is today. For them, today has special meaning in a much different way.

If you are a gamer, then I don’t even need to tell you what came out today. For the rest of you, Skyrim is a video game that takes over your life and ruins a persons social career. Have fun today fanatics.

And finally, today has some very superstitious meaning to the rest of the world. Today is 11.11.11. It only comes once in a century. I will only experience one other like it in my lifetime. Next year will be 12.12.12. The next time any month will align with any year and day will be around 90 years from now in 2101. Of course, this day, as far as 11.11.11 is concerned, is no different than any other, but people like to revel in the awesomeness that is THE SAME NUMBERS!!@!#$!@%

For me? Today was spent, getting up, eating breakfast, going to work, and going back home. I didn’t hug a veteran, I didn’t wish anything on 11:11am, and I didn’t go out and buy Skyrim..skip work/responsibilities and play it. Really, I didn’t have much of a day. The school group I was supposed to run…didn’t have school, my favorite couples client (yes we can have favorites) cancelled due to a last minute work meeting, and I work until 5pm, where I will be faced to get going on some class related projects that will inevitably cause me to not want to do anything today.

Maybe that’s what today will be for me. Thanking my veterans for giving me freedom to have a restful, free day, that I can use to recoup myself. Maybe tonight wont be so bad after all.

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