World Change starts with you.

What makes this day different than the rest? What sets today off from yesterday and the next day from the next?
What will you do with life rearranging? What will you do to change the world when the world needs changing?
What causes a shift in the norm? What causes us to improve, move and transform?

I ask, because I care. You think, because you should. We are called to think outside ourselves, called to a greater good.
Precious is the nature of time, fleeting are its ways. The need is we are called to serve, called to see, called to raise.
It’s in the passing moments you notice, in the still of fast. Teach, show, grow, and send…the mold must be cast.

So friend, I don’t demand, and I don’t require. I will not force and I wont inquire.
Whatever you do is honestly up to you. You could sit and do nothing or make nothing anew.
Just think about you, and then think about more. You will soon begin to find, others are hard to ignore.


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