So It Ends.

Hello faithful readers and readettes.

Today marks the official end of the INTERNATIONAL MONTH OF WRITING EXTRAVAGANZA!!!

It was an insane month. Let’s Recap! GO!

I opened the INTERNATIONAL MONTH OF WRITING EXTRAVAGANZA!!!, I shared the 1st post I ever wrote in 2006, I told you all to GO VOTE!, I shared about the hardest day I’ve had at the internship…not cool, I talked about an aging panel I attended and how FREAKING awesome old people ARE!, I told you about how I hate/love sleeping in and how I went to a banquet for my internship FTW, I shared my feeling about my M.O.M. and how awesome she really is, I told you about my love symphony with the song Sound of Melodies, I told you about the meeting I had with the families of two of the kids I work with (Mothers Love for her kids), I told you about the best day I had in november, I warned you that I was going to take down The Red Baron, I told you about the day I felt REALLY Lost, I shared a poem I had written about my BROadtrip to Colorado, I wrote about thanksgiving–my beard–and my dumb 30 things list, AND FINALLY I documented FULLY the death of The Red Baron.

This has been an insane and awesome journey, and I don’t plan on stopping it. I plan to continue along this path towards writing Epicness. I hope you all enjoy my ridiculousness. Peace.