Make it Different

So this year, I spent much time on telling people about Christmas and how this year, they should think about investing with each other and spreading it around. I meant every word of it. I really think that this is a unique opportunity to act on our faith in a very specific time in our country. too much bad is happening, or being highlighted in the news. It’s about time that some good is spread to those you love and especially to those you don’t. Christ knew the meaning of loving, caring and forgiving those who didn’t like him.

I’m not about to say something like, “This Christmas, don’t give presents, but give each other.” Even though there is some light in that. No. Give presents. Show love to one another by giving. BUT, do not limit giving to those that are in your immediate family. Give outside your social bubble. Branch outside the walls of your comfort and really test your ability to spread love to those who need it. This year, give till it hurts.

I hope that you all enjoy spending Christmas with those that you love, those that you invest in, and those that you are devoted to in life. Make this Christmas different than the last. Make it His. Love you all, and peace.



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