its almost over…

it’s almost over. it’s almost over. it’s almost over. it’s almost over.

Maybe if I click my heels, it will happen sooner.

Alright, who is still in school or schooling? Who has kid or kids? Who has a demanding job or a damning job? WHOS READY FOR A BREAK!!! For most of you, the holidays are coming up, a time when classes are over, kids run wild unattended with family, and jobs halt for Christmas.

To say the least…..I am ready. Ready for the surge of friends, free time, and giving–weddings, parties, and feasts–loved ones, warm fires, and snow. It’s a special time.

I feel that the break should be longer, and it’s not a selfish reason either. I want more time to spend loving, caring, giving, and talking. I don’t need 4 weeks to lounge, sleep, eat, and party. That kind of fun only needs about 2 weeks, but I feel that an extra 2-3 weeks would be so great to just spend time with one another and give, love, laugh.

On one side, it’s almost over, on the other side it’s sometimes hard to let go. after schooling for so long, it takes a while to stop thinking that something is due. This year will be different. I have been systematically caring less, without sacrificing productivity. HOW?! Don’t ask, it just happened. This year, I will kick back, get some things done that have been put off, go to some weddings, have some parties, and remember Christ.

This year has been UP and DOWN, but one thing has remained constant. Blessing. Christ looked over me this year and gave me things I don’t deserve. I still need to focus on the future and all it holds for me, but to look back at all that has happened, kinda brings me to my knees in thanks. So thanks God. And THANKS YOU! You all have been crazy awesome. Reading my writings and commenting. I’m not in this for the attention or the praise. No. If it turned out that I was, and you told me I was being vain, I would shut this down. I would. I write because I love it. I write because I like to talk with you all and offer whats in my head….even if it is absolutely bat guano stupid.

Next post, I will upload a poem. You’ll have to tune in to check it out. Alright, peace and love you all.


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