Post Beard Life

To lie would be silly. I feel very different without a man-face.

The Post-Beard life is bizarre. I sometimes look into the mirror and don’t recognize myself. Of course, most of life has been without a beard, and I have been clean shaven before, but this time it is doing something psychologically to me.

I feel loss. ha.

No, but I’ll get over it. It’s just been weird without it. I feel like I literally chopped off my chin. I’ve had mixed reactions from people about how it looks, but it doesn’t matter a whole lot what they think, cause it is what it is for a while. After the weddings I have to go to, I can foresee facial hair once more being apart of my face.

Now it’s time to think about how I am going to write a 12 page paper in under three days. Any suggestions?


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