The Best Times of my Life.

I havent posted anything lyrical in a while, so I thought I would. This piece was written on the way home from a road-trip I took with four guys to Colorado. The week long trip was epic.

Bliss, total bliss, the air I will miss, flatland I quite easily dismiss. Give me the Rockies, the land that climbs, the nature that forces rhymes, panoramics’ breathe in and out without time, glasses chime as good friends relish in company so sublime. Early we wake, road trip with cake, taking a skinny dip in the lake, these are the times I’ll never forsake, with friends who are anything but fake. Prins, Jer, Corbin and Ty, over 2000 miles together we drive, to see Ben and Bradi walk in stride, 1 year, 1 flesh, 1 bride. We now share something, my friends and I…we’ve been through a lot, and in the end I sigh, but when I’m 60 and grey and so is my wife, this poem will help me remember the best times of my life.

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