A Personality…Executed

Some like it. Some can’t stand it. Some say it is dirty. Some say it is defining. Grunge, Grizzly, Groomed, Great. All have been said, all have been received. Something that doesn’t live, can still emit a personality.

People, I’m talking about my beard. It has been apart of me for a while now. I haven’t shaved in a good long time. True, there are circumstances that are causing me to take down the facial growth, but I’ll admit…it’s time. It is easily the longest that I have ever had it, and I’m not exactly entering a competition or anything.

So, seven days from now, the beard will be gone. This thanksgiving, I’m thankful for collars, scarves, and turtlenecks. I figure I will loose about 10 years of my life, thus bringing me to about…13 years old. When you see me, just laugh…because I will be too. Love you all…even beardless.


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