what a day.

hello to you valued readers. i have decided not to capitalize this post. why? because i can.

yesterday was awesome. i woke up, went to class, turned in a paper, changed into street clothes, went to the apple store in woodfield mall to see my bro randy, got my laptop looked at, saw some old friends from apple, had some valuable and meaningful conversations with them, left apple to go to macy’s with brother in law randy, looked at some ties, bought a tie for a wedding, bought an egyptian cotton shirt for another wedding, felt awesome, did a double take at the price, did another double take when it was cut in half due to sales, did a little dance, left macy’s with randy, went to randy’s place, played some call of duty black ops, got Absolutely blown away by the game, rested from awesomeness, ordered some pizza, picked up pizza, pizza was in a bag?!?, awesome, ate all the 14” pizza except for one piece in which i’m eating right now a day later, talked with nicole (my sister), she went to bed, played more black ops, started falling asleep, fell asleep, woke up and told randy this night is over, he agreed, turned off the ps3, cleaned some dishes for nicole, went to bed, woke up thought it was 10am, it was 8am, i laughed, went back to bed till 10am, went to the computer to check my emails, opened wordpress, decided to write some words, aaaannnndddd caught up.

so, that was my awesome day. i thoroughly enjoyed it. today i get to have lunch with corey and have fun at my internship (today is a fun day). i really hope that your day is blessed and that you find some love today, because i believe that you can find it in whatever you experience. Love you all. Peace.


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