Honest Love

Tonight, as my internship was winding down, I was getting ready to enter a parent meeting. This meeting involved the Hispanic mothers of two of our 5th grade kids in the internship I work at (Quest). The meeting begins well as we start off with introductions and I am called Mr. P. It’s a Horrible, horrible name, but I didn’t chose it.  Anyway, we begin to ask the two moms if there is anything that we can do to make the experience better for them and their kids. What they begin to say is why I got in this line of work.

“We are just so happy that my boy comes up to me and tells me such good stories of Quest and the people who help him with his homework. He is just such a happy boy now. It makes it so much easier on me when I know that he is not out on the streets doing bad things. I know what is done here is good, and I thank you.”

Now, these kids are so cool. They are seriously a testament to how well their parents raised them, and their kids honor their parents. Sometimes the kids aren’t easy to work with, but giving up on them is getting you nowhere and killing the chances for that kid.

Tonight, I witnessed a, “That’s Why,” moment…where I remembered, thats why I am a social worker. It is the change that we can offer to a family who needs unconditional love, limitless possibilities, one hundred percent faith, and our everything. Thank you God for those families and help them in their poverty. Help them in their needs. And help me to truly see their priceless treasure, that no-one can reposes and no-one can impound—A Families Love for their children. Help me to be self-less in their presence and to give everything I have to make sure they have a future in this life. Help me to help Father, as you demonstrated servanthood with a rag and dirty feet.

Love you all. Good-night.


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