M.O.M. Most Outstanding amazingly awesome Mom

Today. Today is the day that my mom was born. The day that I celebrate with my ever growing family. It’s on days of celebration that happiness is invited, joy stops on by, and care-free tends to stick around even when the party’s over.

Happy Birthday Mom. Today you are another year older, but ten years wiser. We as a family have been through a lot, most of which is known by our church family. I say church family because that’s what you have made it. You have raised so many couples up in Christ with Dad. You have made relationships in the church through life groups because you ‘do life’ together. Our church is apart of our family and you have made much of what it is today. You are also always there for Robyn and I…and Nicole when she stops on by to do her Laundry….even if it’s 10 miles from her home. (I love seeing your car in the driveway Nic.) I know you Love us so much, and I know you know that we love you too.

Now God is rewarding your faithfulness in parenting by sending you people who want to know your secret to raising such good kids, and of this, I am humbled. It hasn’t been easy, but life is a journey, and I have a feeling that God is looking down and saying that yours is not over yet. We will get through the hard times because we have each other. I love you Mom, and on this day, I salute you….and hug you.



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