Sloth, Trash, Wigs, and IMPROV

Tonight is a night to brag about. The day……not so much.

Today I woke up at 12pm…..HOLD ON!….it’s because I went to bed at 5am….so really, I only got 7 hours of sleep. The reason being that I was working on a project, and as I do, I usually don’t stop until I am done.

BUT, as good as a solid amount of sleep feels, waking up at 12pm is trash. TRASH!! Like, chicken bones and old corn on the cob Trash. Like, I just threw up in the trash bin Trash. I hate it.

Think about it. You are wasting away a day. You have officially woken up to a brand new day…in the middle of it. FAIL. I feel so much better about the day when it is with a Bible and a nice, horrible, painful, run. The day just flows much better. The ‘pep’ in my step is back, the vigor of life is within me. Not to mention, and I’m serious when I say this, YOU LOVE LIFE BETTER! Even a rainy day can have a silver lining.

Anyway, so the day was…meh…but the night was so great. I went to a Banquet. You know, the ballroom banquet with the dresses and the wigs and the violin orchestra……..okay so none of that was included. But it was still a banquet. I can’t help it if THAT is the first thing that I think about. They served food…for free…and talked to everyone involved in my agency, that I intern at, about things to come and recognizing those who are crazy awesome.

They also had this IMPROV team called “Comedy Sportz” It took some breaking of the ice, so-to-speak, but they were hilarious.They did Such a great job. Of course, I laughed way more than everyone else, but thats just me I guess. We then had dessert and were on our way out. It was a great night. Yeah. Great night. NOT DAY.

Tomorrow I wake up at 8am to shoot some footage. It’s gonna be a good day.

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