The Aged, The Wised, and the Valued.

Today I sat in on a panel that featured Successfully Aging Adults. Two were married at 75 and one was 74.

This topic is not easy to talk about because it can easily bore people to no end. TOUGH. Old people rule.

Seriously people, get over your old-person-phobia…that is if you have that. I’m not sure why we place older adults in such a low category, but in some of the cultures that these people were from, they placed older adults on a gold platter. They ate first, they were treated like rock stars, they were advised for counsel, and MOST Importantly…..They were viewed as older, wiser, and valuable.

In America, the elderly are not treated as such. They are sometimes invisible to those around them. Older adults were asked about this, and suspicion confirms it. We treat older adults horribly compared to other cultures. Put them in a home. Have someone else take care of them, I have my own life to live. I have no time for them.

Value Them. Love Them. Respect Them. They are a treasure, and they carried us when we needed them. Can we carry them when they need us most? Just a message to consider. I have no grandparents to Love when I started feeling these things. Show the love. Peace

Love Endures

2 thoughts on “The Aged, The Wised, and the Valued.

  1. This disrespect of the elderly is also online. I have been insulted several times on the sole basis of age. For a time, I left that information out of my profiles, but later returned it. And too, the last time I updated my cell phone, the young Verizon clerk openly smirked when I asked about a slide-out keyboard for texting. “You send text messages!” he asked increduously. I had taught countless jerks his age to use electronic equipment at my college prior to retirement, but all he could see was an old man whom he assumed to be a nitwit. Elton Camp

    1. I am proud of what you have done and what you are continuing to do. Thank you for being passionate in this arena, as this population needs more warriors for the truth.

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