Trial and Much Error

This day brought stress and unwanted trials.

Today I woke up early to write a massive section in my group assignment paper. This was already bad. I got there and they arrived late.We were unproductive for about an hour, then medium progress was achieved, then the push came, and I had to leave for my internship.

By this time, I am not in a great mood, but I try to hide it for the kids. For some reason, a kid came in to the room I was shooting pool in, and told me he didn’t like me. I said, “That’s alright. You don’t have to like me,” which was true, but it still got underneath my skin.

Then the trouble came with mocking me, undermining my authority and getting into power struggles with the teenagers. Whenever I hear people say that they just wanted to smack the kid upside the head, I always, ALWAYS look at them like they are the crazy one. Today, I wanted to smack this kid upside his head. DISRESPECTFUL, IMMATURE, UNGRATEFUL, PUNK!

So the day sucked.

I usually post this picture when a day sucks, cause it clearly and un-impedingly illustrates my frustration.

Breathe, tomorrow will be better. Breathe. I’m glad I have God’s word. Seriously. It helps. Love you all. Have a good morrow.



One thought on “Trial and Much Error

  1. Sharon

    I have days like this and you’re right, they suck. But God uses all these things to develop perseverence, character and hope in us – Romans 5. Hang in there. Better days are ahead.

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