TRIBE….The Beginning of THE INTERNATIONAL MONTH OF WRITING EXTRAVAGANZA!!…….and the 1st post I ever wrote.

So I went on a MENS retreat called TRIBE. I told you a little bit about it a few posts ago. So it goes down like this: To tell you what happened in the past 3 days would be like the prophets trying to explain in the Bible what they saw when they saw a glimpse of heaven. They can only use the words that they know. But when you see the heavenly things, it becomes very hard to put that into earthly words. So, the retreat was indescribable. Some guys found Jesus in their lives for the very first time, relationships were made, lives were re-focused back on Christ, declarations were professed, and CHRIST was found. I will remember TRIBE for the rest of my life. There will be a moment in my life that I look back on the events that took place and the Men that TheEdge gained in the process. TRIBE etched Christ on many Men that night at the fire’s side, and for most, if not all, we are forever changed.

So that’s TRIBE, in case you were wondering.


Now I am going to show you something that I’m convinced no-one has ever seen, except my good friend Caleb Krupa. The reason behind this is because I was a new blogger in 2006 and no-one read any of my stuff, ha.

This is raw, un-edited, and embarrassing, but it will show you how much I progressed over the years and become…..better……ughh, here you go:

So I dont know about you, but I really like to write. Not saying it’s THE BEST, im just saying I like to do it. So every Monday Im gonna wipe up a poem. Something I like to do and it relaxes me. I can’t fish, so I write.

I really like to get out of school early. Man that’s refreshing. Getting out and saying, “FOOLS!!!” to all yalls still in school. Just kidding though, I’m not that mean, unless I accidentally flush twenty bucks down the toilet. Stay out of my path if that happens, you don’t want a fired up red head screaming your way!

I’m doing this really cool thing at school with Jones soda. We are choosing photos of anything weird and funky and sticking them to the Jones soda bottle and keeping our own design. I chose one of my sister and her friend (which is up at the top of the page), and I’m giving it to her when its done.

An now its time for a segment I like to call Pet Steves. Its the opposite of pet peeves. Its when I talk about something that I really love: People who love other people, unjudgingly. Man that rocks! They love them and throw everything else aside. Ugly, unpopular, smart, dumb, lame, unfashionable, WHATEVER. They just love them, and talk to them and make them feel liked. Shout out to all you who are keeping that love of God. The love that will never fail.

Um…please come back. This was almost 5 years ago…ugh


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