Tomorrow marks the day of the last day in the first week of this blog….[if you followed that, well done.]


Congrats to those who love reading my crazy and non-sensical writing, and are wo/man enough to admit that you love it anyway. Thank You.

This post is for all of you who comment and cheer me on through all the trials that life brings me and the blessings of friendship that He has given to me in…YOU.

Many thanks to your love of the timeless type, the written word, and the spoken soliloquy. You are my writing warriors and I thank you.

Being around for a year, and having as many responses to my writings as you have given, humbles me and I don’t like bragging, because it’s dumb, but what you give is love, and being a champion for decreasing world suck and increasing world love, I thank you.

Now I embark on a magnificant journey of Manly proportions, and in exactly three hours…it begins.

[if you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s probably because you haven’t read my last post, and this  “thank you post” doesn’t even apply to you. good day.] 🙂            <——- that emoticon erases all hurtful meaning when you attach it to anything. [sarcasm]


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