Going Tribal

This post is specifically about a retreat that I am going on with most of my small group and MEN from my church, The Edge.

TRIBE!!1!! Okay I’m kinda siked about going on this retreat that my church is putting on for all the men’s of MANDOM. A lot of Manergy has been put into this Mancation of Epic proportions. We are heading to the great Michigan for some seriously awesome MAN Time. Friday to Sunday.

To get more real though, Biblical Manhood is something that I think is lost nowadays. We are finding that an entire generation of misguided, mislead, and misinformed ‘men’ are going out and hanging, dating, and marrying woman out there who deserve much better than abandonment, abuse, and neglect. It’s seeing these repetitive themes in our men that causes us to try and do it different.

TRIBE is about getting back to those truths. It’s about being the man God that He knows you are or can become. It’s about time that a bunch of men come together and say that enough is enough and close just doesn’t cut it anymore. This will be a weekend to remember, I guarantee it.



One thought on “Going Tribal

  1. Derek

    Eric, you’ve got to read “The Trellis and the Vine”. The thesis of the book is what you just wrote. Some of the men at our church are reading it and it is changing our whole paradigm.

    I know you’ve been reading Francis Chan and he’s been really trying to get people to wake up about this too.

    It seems like God is up to something…

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