It’s been a while since I’ve written something. Right now in life, things are moving pretty fast. Classwork is getting harder and work is getting more unsure. My daily pursuit with Christ is slowly improving and my outlook on the future is gradually revealing. I’m on the last day of my fast, and I know that I have been talking to Him more. I have been guarding my decisions more and getting thinner, ha. I’m not telling you this so that I can be like the white faced men in the Bible, but rather to tell you that when you fast…things start to align. You hear God more clearly. Seek Him during it too, don’t just fast for fast sake. Get into the word daily and hear Him.

I am trying to find a new job. I won’t be able to work at Apple forever. It’s just too far. The pay is really god and the people can’t be beat. The distance and gas pill up to a point where I have to start thinking about places closer to home. Also, with the internship coming up, I will have to be closer to home for convenience. So I appied to a few places on Orchard and they look kinda good for me getting a job, but I need to apply to more. Jobs just aren’t as easy to get as they used to be.

So prayer requests would be what I mentioned, work and school work. I also need guidance about going into international social work. If you have any leanings about that, I would much appreciate it, but you can pray for that also. Love you all. Peace


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