New Semester in the Making

Classes start tomorrow. I think back on break and all that I accomplished…not too bad. So quick quick. It’s like it whisked its way passed me so un-realistically. I am now beginning to embrace one of the hardest semesters I have yet to face. I thought last semester was difficult. I knew that this semester would be hard. I knew it. But I was trying to live all I could in the moment of the break so that I wouldn’t have to think about it, ha.

It will be interesting, no doubt about it. I will be pushed to my limits and then some. And I will be better for it. I would rather get pushed to my “beyond” than not get challenged enough. I would rather be fully equipped to do what I need to, rather than, when the time comes, not know what to do. I am glad for the rigorous regime…but at the same time–and for a good reason–I run to God. I ask for his Son’s strength, and I ask for the wisdom to handle everything according to his will in my life.

Should be a good semester. And like the one before it, I am shooting for the 4.0. Last semester I was shy by a little, but I feel that if I apply myself and keep in mind what needs to be done..AND DO IT, then I should be able to grab that no problem.

Your prayers are MORE than welcome at my front door and I will try my best to see you all throughout the semester. Peace.



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