Lonely Booth…betrayed in every way.

Yesterday I met a woman. I was leaving from Apple to take a 1 hour break, and decided that subway would be my fix for hunger. I order my food, and sit at a booth. As I am eating I notice a woman just drinking a drink, but not eating anything. She looks pretty homeless and tattered, but I keep eating. I begin to have a very strange urge to go over there and talk to her, but I don’t know what I would say. Then I realize that I have $5 in my pocket. I felt that I should help her out and buy her a meal. So I finish up with my food and go over to her booth and sit down. “Excuse me, mam.” She doesn’t move. I say it again. Nothing. One more time. She turns around and says sorry. “I hope this doesn’t sound weird or anything, but I saw that you didn’t have anything to eat and I was wondering if I could buy you something to eat.” She politely declines and tells me that she is trying to hydrate herself because she hasn’t had much to drink. She told me that she lives on the road and carries with her a roll bag and some other items. She began to tell me about her troubled life and everything that went wrong in her life. When I mean everything, I mean the good the bad and the explicit. This poor woman was betrayed by the church, her husband and every other male she came in contact with. The image of God was tainted by Priests, her image of men was tainted by her abusive husband, and her image of government was tainted by…our government. She had been played by everyone and hurt by most. She talked for over an hour and a half. I could tell that she hadn’t had anyone to vent to about anything or even to just listen in a very long time. My heart cried for her, and so I pray that she will eventually see the love that people are capable of and once again be restored. I eventually had to leave to go back to work, so I let her know, and I went on my way…but not without being moved. If you ever see a soul that looks defeated, it just may be. Take some time, and ask them if they need anything from you. Why?! Because especially in this season, some peoples Christmas’s are not that jolly. They are not filled with good cheer. They are ever reminded of their old life when their years were good and love was present. If you follow Christ, we should be helping people like her–Because we have MUCH to give. Spread it around people. Enjoy the day. Peace.


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